Code of Conduct of Investor Relations

  1. Accurate, adequate and timely disclosure of significant and necessary information for investment decisions
    • The disclosed information must be accurate, adequate and timely in accordance with the rules of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the requirements of government agencies, namely, information requiring disclosure under laws and information requiring disclosure under events.
    • Discretion must be exercised to provide information with due care and prudence; and insider information, including trade secret information as available for the purpose of the Company’s objectives or for the purpose of business competitiveness, must not be disclosed to any person or to the public, if the Company has not yet reported such information to the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
    • If the Company has other information which has an effect on investment decisions in securities, the Company may disclose the additional information to the public other than that prescribed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, provided that such information must be clear and adequate for investors’ understanding without misleading investors about investment in the Company’s securities.
    • In the case of any rumor or leakage of news or information, prompt clarification on facts to the public must be made in accordance with the requirements of the Stock Exchange of Thailand to ensure correct understanding, and any other important supporting conditions, if any, must be clearly specified.
    • Channels for information disclosure or information sources must be determined to ensure information users’ equal access, as follows:
      • Disclosure via the system of the Stock Exchange of Thailand;
      • The Company’s business information report;
      • Printed materials, such as, Annual Report, report on the Company’s operational results, IR report;
      • Meetings with analysts or investors;
      • Electronic media, such as, website, email, Facebook, Line;
      • Company Visit;
      • Organizing or participating in Roadshows.
  2. Protection of insider information
    • Insider information must not be used for personal interests or others’ interests under the Company’s work rules and regulations which prohibit its staff from disclosing the Company’s confidential information to any third parties or abusing his/her work position in the Company for unduly seeking personal interests or others’ interests. A violation thereof is subject to serious disciplinary action.
    • The authorized persons’ access to the Company’s insider information is determined and restricted according to staff hierarchy and authority with the information security system, provided that the investor relations authorized to have access to insider information must not disclose such information to others until such information has been disclosed to the public in accordance with various criteria.
    • The investor relations must keep and disclose insider information accurately in accordance with relevant rules and regulations prior to disclosure to any specific group of investors.
  3. Equitable and fair information disclosure by allowing all related persons’ access and inquiries
    • Types of information and timeframe of information disclosure are specified in the Company’s IR calendar to enable all related persons to have access to information and make inquiries.
    • Content of information is specified in disclosure for investor relations’ adherence to ensure understanding to all related persons on an equitable basis.
  4. Performance of duties with honesty and integrity in the profession on the basis of the equitable treatment, without any discrimination in favor of bribery which acts as an personal incentive and which is for their own interests rather than for the interests of the Company and related stakeholders.
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