Goals and Business Strategies


To achieve the Company’s objectives and missions, the Company has formulated major strategies in its business operations, as follows:

  1. Investing in the transportation system projects, expressway and connecting road projects, metro system projects, and related projects under the government policy for the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in respect of infrastructure, including related businesses, such as, various commercial developments, taking into consideration of the projects which are beneficial to society and the Country, with reasonable business yields;
  2. Strengthening the businesses by generating revenues for continued growth, and managing costs and expenses efficiently, in order to maintain good financial standing;
  3. Building relationships with stakeholders through the Corporate Social Responsibility process and communicate to gain an acknowledgment from personnel and people outside the organization;
  4. Developing personnel ready for provision of quality services of the expressway and metro systems; and
  5. Building social recognition of the good corporate image.
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