Green Procurement


General principles of BEM Green Procurement Policy as follows:

  • Use materials that less impact to environment or use eco-friendly material, such as no toxic, reusable, renewable, recycle materials, or saving energy materials in the supply.
  • Use less material such as low weight, small size, or less of material.
  • Highly efficient production technology such as clean power, lower waste, or reduce production process.
  • Highly efficient transportation and distribution system such as reduce the use of packaging, use packaging that reusable/recycle, and opt for energy efficient transportation routes.
  • Lower impact to environment between operations such as low power consumption, low emissions, reduce the use of supplies, and reduce the use of unnecessary parts.
  • Lifetime worth of use such as durability, easy to repair/maintenance/modify, and not often change.
  • Highly effective system management after the expiration such as return-back system that less environmental impact, designed to be reuseable/recycle in that product or its parts, or its waste made recycle power, and in case to be disposed of, it can be recycled and safe for landfill.
  • Products or services that receive environmental, or green labels.
  • Products or services from organizations that are certified for environmental quality from institutions or government agencies in Thailand or abroad.
  • Suppliers that Certified of Environmental Management such as ISO 14001, other environmental standards with evidence, or environmental support sponsors in Thailand that can show evidence.