Corporate Governance Policy


Policy on Dividend Payment

The Company

The Company has the policy to pay dividend at not less than 40 percent of the net profit of each year, taking into account the operational results, financial structure and obligations, investment, as well as the consistency of dividend payments to the Shareholders.  


The Subsidiaries

The Subsidiaries have the policy to pay dividend at the rate of approximately 40 percent of the net profit after deduction of legal reserves, taking into account the operational results in the accounting year of the separate financial statements as at the end of the accounting year and under the conditions of the loans agreement., 
The dividend policy of the Subsidiaries have been considered and recommended by the Board of Directors of the Company to the Board of Directors of the Subsidiaries to propose to the Meeting of the Shareholders of the Subsidiaries for an approval. The payment of the dividend is, however, based on the investment plan and other necessary and appropriate matters according to the view of the Board of Directors of the Subsidiaries. 

Corporate Governance Policy

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