Expressway Service


Services on the Expressway are the core of BECL’s management, therefore, over the past period, BECL has been determined to develop and enhance the efficiency of its services so as to ensure that motorists will be impressed
by the convenience, rapidity and cost-efficiency of the services.In regards to the first class services, BECL provides various services as follows:

Communication and Facilities

BECL established the expressway system control centers by having communications staff to coordinate with the rescue operation units as well as police officers on the expressway and at the ground level roads so as to service the motorists 24 hours a day. The communications facilities comprise:

  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

          Closed-circuit televisions are installed at intervals throughout the Expressway to monitor traffic flow
and various events on the Expressway, hence,motorists can be assured of prompt assistance should there be any emergency.

  • Emergency Telephones (ETS)

          Emergency telephones are installed at intervals of every 1 kilometer on the Expressway so as to enable
motorists to contact communications staff at the control centers by pressing the metal shaft or green button to
call the center,then the communications staff pans the closed-circuit television which is nearest to such SOS telephone
to the location of such telephone.This enables the communications staff to monitor the calling site and simultaneously,
sound and video recorders record the conversation between the motorist and the communications staff.

  • Variable Message Sign (VMS)

          BECL publicizes various information on traffic flow and significant events to motorists by VMS which are installed
prior to various intersections on the Expressway.

  • Smart Traffic and Variable Message Signs (VMS)

          The company has added communication channels on traffic information via Smart Traffic and Variable Message
Signs (VMS) to keep motorists informed of the traffic condition on Expressways, as well as suggesting routes on
Expressways for more convenience and rapidity.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is a routine operation BECL coordinates with the Traffic Division, ETA and the police officers at the Si Rat Expressway Police Station so as to ensure rapid and safe passage for motorists, especially at on-off ramps or at any areas with heavily congested traffic. The traffic management facilities comprise:

  • Traffic Signs

          BECL has installed traffic signs to ensure the motorists’ safe and careful use of the Expressway, namely,
speed limits on the Expressway when it is raining or traffic direction indicators.

  • Weighing Stations

          BECL takes into account the safety of motorists by providing weighing bridges so as to control the weight limits
in accordance with the legal standards. Any truck loaded in excess of the weight limit will not be allowed to enter the Expressway.

Rescue and Trailer Services 

Should any motorist encounter any accident or engine trouble on the Expressway, the rescue staff will help repair the
engine to working condition or if it is unable to be repaired, the staff will help tow such vehicle on the Expressway
to exit at the nearest off ramp without any expense, except for:

  • Fuel Cost

          Should the vehicle be out of gas, the staff will refuel the vehicle to enable such vehicle to exit the Expressway
and reach a gas station whereby the rate of gas to be charged at the market rate which is merely approximately
Baht 100.- on average.

  • Chemical Powder Cost

          Should any vehicle encounter any problem causing oil to leak onto the road, it is necessary for the staff to
apply chemical powder to clean up such oil  spill for the safety of other motorists. The rate of chemical power will be
charged fot the actual use.

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