Si Rat Expressway

Si Rat Expressway (The Second Stage Expressway System)
Si Rat Expressway (The Second Stage Expressway System) is the first large-scale construction project in Thailand which was created through the cooperation between the public and private sectors with a view to alleviate traffic congestion in Bangkok and surrounding areas. The Project has been implemented on a build-transfer-operate (BTO) basis, that is to say, BECL invests in the design, construction and management of
Si Rat Expressway whereby the title to the various permanent structures relating to or used for Si Rat Expressway are vested in ETA. In this respect, BECL has the right to undertake management of Si Rat Expressway and is also entitled to revenue sharing on tolls collected from Chalerm Mahanakorn and Si Rat Expressway in the proportions as specified in the Second Stage Expressway Agreement. The Project has a term of 30 years commencing from 1 March 1990 to 28 February 2020 and the Extension of the Second Stage Expressway, Sector D, for a period of 30 years commencing from 17 April 1997 until 16 April 2027 which may be renewed two times for 10  years each, subject to further negotiation with EXAT.

Si Rat Expressway is constructed as an elevated 6 traffic lane expressway for a total length of approximately 38.5 kilometers, connecting the upper areas of Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Pathumthani at Chaeng Watthana Road to the central area of Bangkok at New Rama 9 Road and also extending to the southern area of Bangkok at Bangkhlo. The service areas are divided into Urban and Suburban networks.

Sector A is a route between Ratchadapisek Road at Prachachuen to Rama 9 Road for a total distance of approximately 12.4 kilometers whereby this Sector was open for service on 2 September 1993. This route starts from Ratchadapisek Road southward to cut across the northern railway at Phaholyothin warehouse parallel to Rama 4 Road to pass Pradipat Road, Ratchavithee Road and to connect to Sector B at Payathai Interchange.The eastward route connects to the Chalerm Mahanakorn Expressway at Makkasan Interchange to cut across Ratchadapisek Road and ends at Rama 9 Road. 

Sector B is a route between Samsen Water Refinement Plant and Bangkhlo, continuing from Sector A at Phayathai Interchange heading southward to connect to the Chalerm Mahanakorn Expressway at Bangkhlo Interchange, for a total distance of approximately 9.4 kilometers. Since the opening of Sector B for service on
6 October 1996, there has been an inner ring road in the heart of the city, thereby successfully alleviating the traffic problems around Sathorn, Silom, Surawong and Hua Lamphong, the business centers of the city.

Sector C is a route in the suburban network continuing from Sector A at Ratchadapisek Road around Prachachuen heading northward up to Chaeng Watthana Road for a distance of 8 kilometers and connecting with Udon Ratthaya Expressway This Sector and Sector A were open simultaneously on 2 September 1993 whereby this Sector rapidly alleviates the traffic flow from the inner and outer areas of the city.

Sector D is a route from Rama 9 Road to Srinakharindra Road with a route extending from Sector A at Rama 9 Road eastward to cut across Ramkhamhaeng Road to end at Srinakharindra Road for a total distance of approximately 8.7 kilometers. The first stage from Rama 9 Road to Ramkhamhaeng Road was opened for service on 2 December, 1998 and the second stage from Ramkhamhaeng Road to Srinakharindra Road was opened for service on 1 March, 2000. This route connects Bangkok-Chonburi Road (Motorway) by Srinakharindra flyover which enables those motorists to travel to eastern provinces more easily and fast. In addition, this route connects Chalong Expressway (Ramindra – At Narong Expressway) at Rama 9 Road which enables the motorists to go to Ramindra Road, Pattanakarn Road, and Sukhumvit Road.

Si Rat Expressway
 (The Second Stage Expressway System)



Opening Date



Revenue Sharing
Company : EXAT

Sector A: Rama 9 - Ratchadapisek Urban 12.4 2 Sep 1993 Company and EXAT - First nine years 60:40
- Period between the first nine years and the last nine years 50:50
- Last nine years 40:60
Sector B: Phayathai - Bangkhlo Urban 9.4 6 Oct 1996 Company and EXAT
Sector C: Ratchadapisek -Chaeng Watthana Suburban 8.0 2 Sep 1993 Company 100 : 0
Sector D: Rama 9 - Srinagarindra Suburban 8.7 First Section
2 Dec 1998
Second Section
1 Mar 2000
Company 100 : 0

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